Evolution Burn Care Kit Large Red

Containing fast acting and quick relief dressings and gels to cool, soothe and stop the burn process, this is designed to be convenient in case of a burn emergency. This is an economical solution for burn injuries.

Key Features:

- 1x First Aid Guidance Leaflet
- 2x Burn Stop Burn Dressings (10x10cm)
- 2x Burn Stop Burn Dressings (20x20cm)
- 9x Burn Stop Gel Sachets (3.5g)
- 12x HypaBand Safety Pins
- 4x HypaBand Conforming Bandages
- 4x HypaTouch Disposable Gloves (Pair)
- 1x Clothing Cutters

£54.58 Each
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£65.50 Each
Ex. VAT: £54.58
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  • Colour: Red