Everpure Claris Ultra 250 Filter Cartridge 2500 Litres White

Everpure is a Swiss based company that has been manufacturing commercial water treatment products and solutions worldwide since 1933. Everpure is a trusted worldwide provider to the vending, consumer, marine and aviation markets. Its Claris range has become the leading brand synonmous for provding water filter solutions on espresso machines.

Everpure Claris ULTRA offers superior ease of operattion in conjunction with its filter head. All existing Claris filter heads can be retrofitted with these new cartridges allowing existing users to also benefit from the ULTRA technology. The Claris ULTRA has successfully solved the challenge of finding the best balance between protecting equipment from scale formations and corrosion while removing unwanted taste and odour. The patent pending technology will give the desired quality for brewed coffee, espresso, other hot drinks and ice cubes while achieving EU drinking water regulations.
£65.25 Each
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£78.30 Each
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  • Stock code: AQEP0250
  • Quantity: Each
  • Size: 2500 Litres (95mm (W) x 95mm (D) x 315mm (H))
  • Stock: Available for order (Please Call)
  • Colour: White

- Compact design
- Treatment Capacity of approx. 2500 Litres
- Lime Scale Protection
- Corrosion Inhibition
- Improved water taste
- Sustains coffee roast quality for Coffee machines - Optimal ingredient usage
- Clearer harder ice cubes for Ice machines - Cubes last longer
- Maintains pH range according to EU drinking water regulation
- One hand turn fitment to head
- Low pressure loss - high throughput
- Scale amplified bio-film protection in Ice Machines
- System operating pressure 2 - 8 Bar
- Water Temp of 4 - 30C
- Can be mounted Horizontal, Vertical or Free standing

Using a Filter system will ensure lower costs of operation due to less downtime, improved energy efficiency of machines, Less water consumption, Less descale services, and ultimately improving the life expectancy of your equipment reducing capital costs.

*** Only the cartridge is supplied please order the Filter Head as well if needed ***
Width95 mm (9.5 cm)
Depth95 mm (9.5 cm)
Height315 mm (31.5 cm)