Pastry Baking Trays


Chefs pastry

Non Stick Oven Baking Tray 38x30x2cm

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Genware - Aluminium Baking Sheet

GenwareAluminium Baking Sheet 420x305x20mm (42 x 30.5 x 2cm)

  • Stock code: LCBT0010
  • Available for order (despatched when in stock)

GenwareAluminium Baking Sheet 520x420x20mm

  • Stock code: LCBT0520
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Matfer Non-stick Baking Tray (with inclined edge) 60.0 x 40.0cm

  • Stock code: LBCPP040
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Non Stick 12 Hole Shallow Baking Tray

  • Stock code: LBTF0533
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Kit out your professional kitchen or catering company with these pastry baking trays at Alliance Online. In this collection, you'll find all the baking sheets and trays you need to create a wide variety of baked goods and patisserie dishes, such as cookies, biscuits, pastries, brownies, and cupcakes.

The baking trays you see here are made using professional-grade durable materials that ensure they can stand up to frequent use in a busy catering environment. Plus, we have a range of different finishes, including non-stick baking trays for easy release of cooked food. So, you can be sure that these high-quality trays will help your staff to get perfect results on their bakes every time.

If you run a bakery, restaurant, or café that serves a lot of pastry and baked goods, then you might also want to shop our full range of bakeware, where you’ll find more everyday essentials like cake tins, loaf tins, quiche and flan dishes, non-stick baking mats, and baking pans. Be sure to visit our pastry and baking shop, too.

Stock up on professional-quality baking trays with Alliance Online, your one-stop shop for catering essentials. Order now with free UK delivery on orders over £30 (price excludes VAT).