Katrin Classic 2Ply Hand Towels L2 110 Sheets per sleeve White

Katrin Zig Zag Towels open automatically with controlled usage. Fits through C-Fold Dispensers. They come in plastic Handy Pack cases, which mean they are easy to stack, carry and distribute around a building. The plastic casing can be compacted into a small amount of waste. Certified under the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU Flower Labels

Key Features:

- 110 Sheets per sleeve (34 x 20 cm)
- Katrin Classic 2 Ply Hand Towels
- White
- Self-Presenting
- Certified under the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU Flower Labels
- Bonded towels
- Best Tissue Quality
- Towel opens automatically so next towel is immediately ready for use
- Hygienic Dispensing
- Requires specific dispenser
£25.75 for 21x110
Inc. VAT: £30.90
£30.90 for 21x110
Ex. VAT: £25.75
  • Stock code: HKCT0002
  • Quantity: 21x110
  • Size: 110 Sheets per sleeve (34 x 20 cm)
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Katrin
  • Colour: White
Soft tissue for pleasant and hygienic hand drying
Rapid; high capacity absorption for complete user satisfaction
High strength for effective hand drying
Touch-free dispensing prevents cross-contamination and encourages the highest hygiene standards
Dispensing one towel at a time helps to control towel consumption
Large sheet size ensures that one towel is enough for thorough hand drying
Eco AwareMade from recycled material. Nordic Eco label, EU Flower label, compostable, recyclable or combustable (see Metsa policy)(packaging is paper and cardboard)
Model Number345355
Sheets per roll/pack110
Thickness2 Ply