Aspen Toughned Beer Glass

The Aspen Beer glass boasts a tall and sleek profile and makes for a stylish alternative to any traditional generic beer glass. Fully Toughened glassware has been strengthened across its entire body making the glass resistant to impact damage at all points. When Toughened glass does break, it will break into small fragments making it impossible to cause serious lacerations. This makes the trendy Aspen range an obvious choice for outlets looking for a durable glass, following license stipulations or those seeking to prevent glass related violence without a compromise on style. This glass is CE stamped and nucleated. Nucleation involves the etching of the bottom of the glass and is designed to increase the effervescence of the product and maintain the head of the drink, as well as improving the appearance of beverages when served.

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  • Size: 57cl CA
  • Size: 20oz CA
  • Colour: Clear
  • Stock code: GABG0040
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Product CE Marked Volume Volume (fl oz) Weight Material
Aspen Toughened Activator Max Beer Glass GABG0040
Aspen Toughened Activator Max Beer Glass
1 Pint 570 ml 20 fl oz 446 g Glass