Plastico Oxo-Bio Flexy-Glass Pint to Line 23oz LCE 20oz Pint Line Clear

Oxy-Bio Flexy-Glasses are thin walled oxo-biodegradable polypropylene tumblers that are crack resistant.

The tumblers are designed with a step in the base, for maximum stackability. This also allows them to be easily pulled apart, thus making them ideal choice in busy bars and areas where safety and speed of service are of primary importance.

Manufactured under strict hygienic conditions the tumblers are sleeved to keep them clean and dust free.
£49.67 for 1000
Inc. VAT: £59.60
£59.60 for 1000
Ex. VAT: £49.67
  • Stock code: DPPOB023
  • Quantity: 1 x 1000
  • Size: 23oz LCE 20oz Pint Line (57cl)
  • Stock: Available for order (despatched when in stock)
  • Brand: Plastico
  • Colour: Clear