Stainless Steel Economy Chafing Dish 10Lt Silver

The chafing dish is an important piece of catering equipment. Acting as a warming tray that can also be used for very slow cooking, the term chafing comes from the French word 'chauffer' - to make warm. Chafing dishes are usually found on buffet tables and are designed to hold gastronorm containers to present different types of food. We also supply the chafing dish fuel required to provide the heat.

£53.79 Each
Inc. VAT: £64.55
£64.55 Each
Ex. VAT: £53.79
  • Stock code: CCD00001
  • Quantity: Each
  • Size: 10Lt (36 x 63x 31cm)
  • Stock: Available in 10-14 days
  • Colour: Silver

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Stainless Steel Gastronorm  (65mm)
Stainless Steel Gastronorm (65mm)
Stainless Steel Gastronorm
Vol:10L 360mm wide 630mm long 310mm high
Set Consists Of A GN 1/1 Full Size 65mm Deep Food Pan, Water Basin And 2 Fuel Holders
comes with a 1/1 dish 65mm deep
comes with 2 fuel holders
Diameter630 mm (63 cm)