Eco-Fibre Natural Bowl 12oz

Gone are the days of compromising on taste with eco-friendly packaging. Made from 100% renewable and reclaimed resources, the 12oz Eco-Fibre natural bowl is the perfect complement to any food types due to its beautiful naturistic and organic feel and visual. From a by-product of Wheat whilst also remaining gluten-free makes this the future of eco-friendly food packaging. This is the ideal tableware and packaging for any environmentally conscious restaurant or café and also works outstandingly well domestically.

Key Features:

- 12oz/34cl
- Eco-Fibre Natural Small Bowl
- Natural Colour Tone
- Sustainable
- 100% renewable
- Base Material is a by-product of Wheat using straw and not grain making it gluten-free
- Unbleached
- Water Resistant to 100oC
- Grease and Oil Resistant to 120oC
- Cut Resistant
- Disposable with food waste

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  • Quantity: 20x50
  • Size: 12oz (34cl)
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