Vegware PLA Disposables


Disposables for home deliveries
Vegware - Gourmet PLA Window Lid Size 3
Vegware - Compostable Domed PLA Lid to fit Soup Container

VegwareCPLA Hot Cup Lid For 6oz Cup 72mm

  • Stock code: DSCCL007
  • In Stock

VegwareGreen Tree Cold Cup 25cl (9oz)

  • Stock code: DGTPL009
  • Available for order (Extended Delivery)

VegwareGreen Tree Cold Cup 34cl (12oz)

  • Stock code: DGTPL012
  • In Stock

VegwareGreen Tree Cold Cup 57cl (20oz)

  • Stock code: DGTPL020
  • In Stock

VegwarePLA Domed Lid No Hole 76mm (9/12oz)

  • Stock code: DSCCL009
  • In Stock

VegwarePLA Domed Lid With Straw Hole (Fits Standard Cup) 96mm (16/22oz)

  • Stock code: DSCCL011
  • Please Call for Stock Availability

VegwareStandard PLA Cold Cup 12oz

  • Stock code: DSCC0002
  • In Stock

VegwareCompostable Knife 6.5"

  • Stock code: DCOMB001
  • In Stock

VegwareCompostable Fork 16.5cm (6.5")

  • Stock code: DCOMB002
  • In Stock

Compostable Dessert Spoon 6.5"

  • Stock code: DCOMB003
  • In Stock