Wrapmaster® Dispensers and Cling Film and Foil Refills


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Shop Wrapmaster® dispensers and cling film and foil refills at Alliance Online. This range includes the famous Wrapmaster® dispensers, which provide safe and hygienic dispensing of foil and cling film wrap, with an easy-to-use design that’s ideal for busy professional kitchens. You’ll also find Wrapmaster® cling film and foil refills for the dispenser system, all of which can be bought in bulk at wholesale prices, allowing you to stock up and save.

British brand Wrapmaster® are best known for their brilliantly designed cutter boxes, which feature a concealed blade that enables easy cutting of foil, cling film, and parchment. The clever design means they’re much safer to use than traditional cardboard cutter boxes, while offering a more precise cutting action. They’re also easy to clean and sanitise during service, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Our range is extensive and includes a variety of models, including the popular Wrapmaster® 4500 and 3000 cutter boxes. So, whatever the size and scale of your business, we’re sure to have a Wrapmaster® product that will suit.

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Order from the Wrapmaster® cling film and foil collection at Alliance Online today. We offer free UK delivery over £30 (excluding VAT), so buy now and save.