Biodegradable Disposable Cutlery



CornwareBiodegradable Fork 7"

  • Stock code: CCOR0020
  • In Stock

CornwareBiodegradable Spoon 7"

  • Stock code: CCOR0030
  • In Stock

CornwareBiodegradable Knife 7"

  • Stock code: CCOR0002
  • In Stock

CPLA Compostable Knife 6.5"

  • Stock code: DCOM0001
  • In Stock

CPLA Compostable Fork 6.5"

  • Stock code: DCOM0002
  • In Stock

CPLA Compostable Spoon 6.5"

  • Stock code: DCOM0003
  • In Stock

Recycled Compostable Spork 5"

  • Stock code: DSTA0007
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Mediumweight PLA Dessert Spoon

Mediumweight PLA Dessert Spoon

  • Stock code: DPLAS001
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VegwareCompostable Knife 6.5"

  • Stock code: DCOMB001
  • In Stock

VegwareCompostable Fork 16.5cm (6.5")

  • Stock code: DCOMB002
  • In Stock

Compostable Dessert Spoon 6.5"

  • Stock code: DCOMB003
  • In Stock

Browse our selection of biodegradable disposable cutlery here at Alliance Online. If you're looking for an eco-friendlier alternative to plastic cutlery, these knives, forks, and spoons could fit the bill perfectly.

We stock the best biodegradable cutlery from fantastic brands, including Biopac, Cornware, and Vegware. This means all of the utensils you see here are of a very high quality, and your customers will love using them. Plus, when you buy biodegradable cutlery in bulk, you can be proud that you've taken one step closer to making your business greener.

We're sure you'll be impressed by this cutlery that's biodegradable, but we also have plenty more disposable cutlery that you might be interested in. So, for more options, you can also browse our selections of wooden and eco disposable cutlery.

Buy our biodegradable cutlery at wholesale prices today and you'll receive free UK delivery when you spend over £30 (excluding VAT).