Benders Paper Cups & Lids


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BendersParma Double Wall Hot Cup 12oz

  • Stock code: DTWC0012
  • In Stock

BendersCaffe Premium Hot Cup 4oz (11cl)

  • Stock code: DCP00641
  • In Stock

Caffe Premium Hot Cup 16oz (45cl)

  • Stock code: DCP01616
  • In Stock

BendersPremium Hot Cup 4oz (11cl )

  • Stock code: DHCW0004
  • In Stock

BendersPremium Hot Cup 8/9oz (22/25cl)

  • Stock code: DHCW0009
  • In Stock

BendersPremium Hot Cup 12oz (34cl)

  • Stock code: DHCW0012
  • In Stock

BendersFlat Hot Cup Lid 4oz (11cl)

  • Stock code: DCPL0006
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BendersVenezia Tall Paper Cup 9oz (25cl)

  • Stock code: DBVC0001
  • In Stock

Venezia Squat Paper Cup 7oz (20cl)

  • Stock code: DBVC0002
  • In Stock

Here at Alliance Online, we stock a great range of Benders paper cups and lids, which are perfect if your cafe, coffee shop or concession stand sells hot drinks to go.

Benders has been making paper cups for more than 120 years, and the companys level of experience certainly shows. Their products have developed very well over the years, and their cups are all sturdy with a timeless design that will suit any business.

However, if youre not sure that any of the designs you see here fit your business perfectly, dont fret. Check out our selection of disposable cups from other brands, including Biopac, Colpac, Go-Pak UK and Vegware .

Buy Benders disposable cups from us today and you'll receive free next business day delivery on orders over £50 (excluding VAT).