Comprehensive First Aider Rucksack Green

Rucksack Contains:
1 x First Aid Guidance Leaflet
6 x HypaCover First Aid Dressings (12x12cm)
2 x HypaCover First Aid Dressings (18x18cm)
3 x HypaBand Triangular Bandages
2 x HypaBand Conforming Bandages (7.5cm)
3 x HypaCover Eye Dressings
60 x HypaPlast Washproof Plasters
30 x HypaClean Sterile Wipes
1 x MicroPlast Microporous Tape (2.5cm)
9Pairs x HypaTouch Nitrile Gloves
3 x HypaCover Finger Dressings
1 x HypaGuard Face Shield
2 x HypaGuard Foil Blankets
2 x Burns Dressings (10x10cm)
1 x Clothing Cutters
12 x HypaBand Safety Pins
3 x Burn Gel Sachets
6 x Self Seal Waste Bags
5 x HypaClens Eyewash Pods (20ml)
2 x HypaClens Eyewash Bottles (250ml)
1 x HypaCool Instant Cool Pack
1 x Dressing Scissors

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£67.98 Each
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  • Colour: Green