Protective Bodywear


Portable Wash Basic

Tyvek 400 Coverall Medium

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  • Available for order (despatched when in stock)

Tyvek 400 Coverall Extra Large

  • Stock code: OOCD005S
  • In Stock

Tyvek 400 Coverall Extra Extra Large

  • Stock code: OOCD006S
  • In Stock

Disposable Apron on a Roll White

  • Stock code: OAP00010
  • In Stock

Blue Polythene Apron 770x1050mm

  • Stock code: OAP00011
  • In Stock

Disposable White Apron One Size

  • Stock code: OAP00013
  • In Stock

Disposable Oversleeve

  • Stock code: OOS00007
  • In Stock

Disposable Overshoes 14"

  • Stock code: OOS00001
  • In Stock

Heavy Duty Rubber Apron One Size

  • Stock code: ORA01000
  • In Stock

Cotton Rubber Apron Ties

  • Stock code: ORAT1000
  • In Stock

Unisex Coat Large

  • Stock code: OUCL0001
  • In Stock

Overshoe/Glove/Hat Dispenser

  • Stock code: OGHD0001
  • In Stock

Heavy Duty Disposable Oversleeve

  • Stock code: OOS00008
  • In Stock

PE Visitors Coat One Size

  • Stock code: OVCW0003
  • In Stock
Protect your clothes with a selection of over sleeves, over shoes, aprons and more.