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Essentials Bottle Brush 11" (28cm)

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Shop our selection of handy bottle brushes here at Alliance Online. They are ideal for busy kitchens that need to uphold professional cleaning standards.

In this range, you'll find various sizes of these smart brushes, including long and small bottle brushes. These are designed to have bristles that vertically sit against the brush handle, to make it easy to clean the bottom of even your tallest glasses. As well as keeping everything looking spick and span, it also means you don't need to use the dishwasher, keeping your overheads down.

A bottle brush can be used for any of your drinkware, including your pub and bar glasses, and will be especially useful for those delicate ones that can't be put through the dishwasher. If you present your food in fancy jars that have small openings, drink bottle brushes can also be handy for these, as well.

Want to see more of the great cleaning supplies we have? We have plenty of other brushes and brooms for you to browse. This includes claw brushes, grout brushes, sink brushes and more. So, you can ensure your restaurant, bar, kitchen or hotel is in top condition.

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