Urinal Screens


Diversey Pro

Deodoscreen Urinal Screen

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Kleen Screen Urinal Screen

  • Stock code: CAUS0001
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3 in 1Block Channel Blocks

3 in 1Block Channel Blocks

  • Stock code: CEV00016
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P-Wave 1.5 Urinal Screen - Mango Scented

  • Stock code: CUSP0001
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Deodoscreen Urinal Screen Original

  • Stock code: CDUS0002
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Lu Blue Cistern Flush Blocks 4 x 50g

  • Stock code: CDB00014
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P-Wave Slant 6 Urinal Screen Ocean Mist

  • Stock code: CUSP0012
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Ecobug Urinal Screen

  • Stock code: CDEC0005
  • Available in 3-5 days
Urinal screens and blocks for added hygiene and odour control in washroom areas.