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Persil - Pro Formula Persil Hygiene

ArielProfessional Regular Powder 90 washes

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Persil - Pro Formula Persil Hygiene

Bulk buy washing powder for your business with Alliance Online. We have a great value selection of quality laundry powders, so you can stock up your supply cupboard for less. We offer an extensive selection of bio, non-bio, sensitive and professional-grade antibacterial powder detergents, all of which will provide fantastic results on your laundry.

The industrial laundry washing powders in this range are available to buy in large quantities, and are ideal for professionals looking to keep running costs down. So, if you run a hotel, B&B, care home, or any other business that needs to handle lots of laundry, these wholesale washing powders are ideal. They're also a great choice for restaurants or other food businesses that prefer to wash staff uniforms and tablecloths in-house. 

You'll no doubt want to get the best results on your laundry, especially when you want to impress your customers with pristine, fresh-smelling linens and towels. That's why we've sourced detergents from some of the UK's most renowned laundry brands, such as Persil, Daz, Fairy and Brilliant. Plus, because everything is available to buy in bulk at wholesale prices, you can keep costs down without compromising on quality.

To find more wholesale laundry supplies, shop our ranges of laundry detergent, fabric softener, stain remover, and fabric refresher.

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