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Titan Kitchen Sanitiser 500g

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Titan Kitchen Sanitiser 10kg

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Endbac Sanitising Tablets

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Endbac Sanitiser

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D4.8 Suma Sol Powder Sanitiser 10kg

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J-Flex D10 Suma Kitchen Bac- Surface Cleaner Sanitiser

J-Flex D10 Suma Kitchen Bac- Surface Cleaner Sanitiser

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SmartDose D10 Suma Bac Sanitiser 1.4Ltr

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D10 Suma Bac Kitchen Sanitiser 5 Ltr

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Keep your surfaces and appliances clean and hygienic with our range of sanitiser here at Alliance Online. Whether you work in catering, hospitality or any other customer-facing industry, keeping harmful bacteria and germs at bay will be incredibly important, so let us help you get it right.

In this selection, you'll find a range of commercial kitchen sanitisers that are capable of destroying microorganisms that cause food poisoning and other diseases which could make both your workers and customers ill. So, by using one of our sanitiser sprays, liquids or tablets, you can help to reduce any contaminated surfaces or appliances until they are at a safe level for use again.

Want to see more of the cleaning chemicals we stock? We have plenty of other kitchen cleaning chemicals for you to browse, as well as those for the washroom and powerful floor care products that'll have your kitchens, hotel rooms and restaurants looking spick and span.

We offer free UK mainland delivery on all orders over £50 (excluding VAT), so shop for food surface sanitiser today.