Metal Polish


Brasso - Metal Polish Tin

BrassoMetal Polish Tin 175ml

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BrassoMetal Polish Liquid 1Ltr

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BrassoMetal Polish Wadding Tin 75g

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BrassoMulti Pack Metal Polish 175ml

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PeekMetal Polish Tube

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PeekMetal Polish Paste 1000ml

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Here at Alliance Online, we have a selection of metal polish that will help to restore the metal elements in your hotel, making it an essential housekeeping product to have.

In this collection, you'll find metal polish cream, as well as liquid and paste versions meaning there is a product suitable to clean your metal appliances, taps and other fixtures and fittings with. These metal polishes are designed to clean and protect a range of metals such as brass, stainless steel, copper and chrome. And, some of these products can even be used on fibreglass and ceramics, so you can be sure that every inch of your hotel looks up to scratch.

Want to see more? We have plenty more housekeeping supplies for you to browse. This includes an extensive range of cleaning and room care, as well as floor and dusting products.

We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £50 (excluding VAT), so shop for metal polishing supplies today.