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Mr Muscle Kitchen & Bathroom Drain Gel 1ltr

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InnuScienceNu-Multi Odor Ready to Use 5 Ltr

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ChemEcoDrain Maintainer 5Ltr

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Here at Alliance Online, you can guarantee you'll find a drain cleaner to ensure your sinks, baths and showers always perform at their optimum.

In this range, you'll find a range of liquid drain cleaners for your bathroom, kitchen and pipes, including the popular Mr Muscle drain cleaner ; all of which are must-haves for maintaining your hotel rooms and busy catering kitchens.

We also stock tough enzyme drain cleaner which is perfect for kitchen drains that are blocked with grease, fats, and oils that need breaking down efficiently and effectively. Plus, with a selection of blocked drain cleaner products, you can be sure your drains will remain clean and clear of build-up for longer, meaning you can waste less time cleaning your drains and more time impressing with your service.

If you're looking to reduce your company's carbon footprint, you'll be pleased to hear we have a selection of Eco Aware drain cleaners that are completely natural and biodegradable, so aren't harmful to the environment.

Need more cleaning chemicals for your business? Don't worry — we have fantastic ranges of degreasers, descalers, disinfectant and more for you to browse. And, as they are all from reliable brands, you can guarantee they will give your drains, surfaces and floors a sparkling and hygienic finish.

We offer free UK mainland delivery on orders over £50 (excluding VAT), so shop for sink and shower drain cleaner today.