Commercial Under-Counter Fridges and Freezers



Check out our wide range of commercial under counter fridges and freezers here at Alliance Online. Any of these would make a fantastic addition to your restaurant or café’s kitchen.

Stainless-steel under-counter fridges and freezers are a huge favourite among the catering community, and with good reason. Not only are they very convenient, as they allow you to have all of your most commonly used ingredients close at hand, but they’re also a great space-saving solution. As the name suggests, free-standing under-counter fridges and freezers will sit under your bench, which means they don’t take up any worktop or floor space. This is particularly useful if you work in a kitchen where space can be scarce.

We have lots of different styles of standalone under-counter fridges and freezers for you to choose from, too, so we’re sure you’ll find the one that suits you perfectly. We have under-counter bar fridges with glass doors, large under-counter fridges, and more.

Don’t worry if you can’t find exactly what you’re after here, though, because we have plenty of other commercial fridges and freezers that might fit the bill. So, make sure you also check out our collections of cabinet fridges, refrigerator counters, and minibars.

We offer free UK delivery on orders over £30 (excluding VAT). Buy from the range of under-counter fridges we have for sale today.