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At Alliance Online, we offer a huge range of commercial fridges and freezers that are perfect for bars, restaurants and catering companies. In a professional setting, it's extremely important to make sure all foods are stored at the correct temperatures. And, these professional refrigeration appliances will allow you to do just that.

Blizzard Blue Line 400 Upright Fridge H400SS 380L (600 (W) x 646 (D) x 1875mm (H))

  • Stock code: WFRS0400
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Blizzard Compact Gastro 3 Door Counter BCC3- 1368mm (W) x 700mm (D) x 876 (H)

  • Stock code: WFRS0002
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Blizzard 2 Door Counter Freezer LBC2 282Ltr (1360mm (W) x 700mm (D) x 950mm (H))

  • Stock code: WLSS0012
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Blizzard 3 Door Counter Freezer LBC3 417Ltr (1795mm (W) x 700mm (D) x 950mm (H) )

  • Stock code: WLSS0003
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At Alliance Online, we offer a range of Blizzard fridges and freezers to suit all types of commercial kitchen. These efficient, reliable refrigeration units will keep ingredients fresh and safe to eat, while keeping running costs low.

In this range, you'll find Blizzard fridges to suit commercial kitchens of every size, including tall cabinet fridges, and space-saving counter and under-counter fridges. We even have wine and bottle coolers from the brand, which will keep your drinks chilled to the ideal serving temperature. There's also a selection of high-performance Blizzard freezers that will keep your frozen stock safe to eat.

Blizzard have been making top-quality refrigeration equipment for commercial food businesses for over 20 years. As a result, many of the appliances you see here have features that were designed with the catering and hospitality industry in mind, such as lockable doors, heavy-duty castors, and easy-to-clean stainless-steel interiors and exteriors. So, you can count on Blizzard fridges and freezers to do the job in a busy catering environment.

To see even more choice, shop our full range of commercial fridges and freezers, including cabinet fridges and freezers from other top brands. We have plenty of other Blizzard catering appliances in stock, too, so you can get your kitchen fully equipped.

We offer free UK delivery over £50 spend (excluding VAT), so buy a Blizzard fridge or freezer now to take advantage of this offer. Shop now at Alliance Online.