Hot Cupboards

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In this collection, you'll find an impressive range of commercial cooking equipment. Whether you run a food truck, a cosy cafe, a busy bed and breakfast, or a Michelin-starred restaurant, you'll find everything you need to get your business ready to serve customers in this range of quality professional cooking equipment.

Browse the complete range of hot cupboards here at Alliance Online, where you'll find both static and mobile units that are perfect for keeping food at optimum temperature and ready to serve.

Many of our hot cupboards come with a heated gantry built-in making them perfect for commercial usage of storing foods.

If you run a busy catering business, you can significantly speed up service times by preparing food in advance and then keeping it in perfect condition in a hot food cupboard. Whether you'd benefit from preparing separate ingredients and keeping them heated and ready for service or storing fully prepared meals, a hot cupboard is perfect for the job.

Our comprehensive range, which also includes plate warmers that are perfect for busy service, only includes units from industry leaders such as Lincat, Alto Shaam, and Victor, so you can rest assured you're getting a top-quality unit when you buy through us.