Bravilor Bonamat Filter Coffee Machines




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BravilorB5 Round Filtering Machine 635mm (W) x 440mm (D) x 799mm (H)

  • Stock code: WMCM0008
  • Available for order (Please Call)

BravilorB5 HW Round Filtering Machine 790mm (W) x 570mm (D) x 799mm (H)

  • Stock code: WMCM0010
  • Available for order (Please Call)

BravilorB10 Round Filtering Machine 955mm (w) x 512mm (d) x 840mm (h)

  • Stock code: WMCM0009
  • Available for order (Please Call)

BravilorB10 HW Round Filtering Machine 989mm (W) x 570mm (D) x 840mm (H)

  • Stock code: WMCM0011
  • Available for order (Please Call)

BravilorBravilor B40 Round Filtering Machine

  • Stock code: WMCM0040
  • Available for order (Please Call)

BravilorMondo Twin Coffee Filtering Machine 404mm (W) x 406mm (D) x 446mm (H)

  • Stock code: WMCM0005
  • Available for order (Please Call)

Bravilor Airpot Furento with Pump Action 2.2 Ltr 164mm x 164mm x 378mm

  • Stock code: LVJB0008
  • Available for order (Please Call)

Here at Alliance Online, we have a variety of Bravilor Bonamat filter coffee machines for you to choose from. These impressive coffee makers would be a fantastic addition to any café, bar or lobby. Top quality and high performing, they can make delicious cups of coffee quickly and consistently, so you can focus on providing excellent service.

This fantastic selection of coffee machines include those from the Bravilor Bonamat Novo range, a line of quick filter coffee machines, as well as the Bravilor TH Series that have been designed to preserve flavour for a long time. That means we have Bravilor filter coffee machines to suit every need.

At Alliance Online, we only stock the best commercial filter coffee machines from trusted industry brands, so you know that whichever you choose will be a staple in your professional kitchen. Why not see what other wholesale beverage machines we can provide, including espresso makers and hot water boilers?

We offer free standard UK delivery on orders over £30 (ex. VAT), so order your Bravilor Bonamat filter machine today.