Chefs Blow Torches Buying Guide

Chefs Blow Torches

These products are used for a number of different cooking techniques.  Blow torches are becoming a staple kitchen gadget in professional kitchens.  The flame of the blow torch gets much hotter than a grill and in half the time too. Chef’s blow torches are ideal for caramelizing the tops of crème brulee or crème caramel, skinning vegetables, browning meringues and sugar.  Additionally, they are used to unmould chilled desserts, for example cheesecake, iced desserts, jelly etc. and they are perfect for warming up knives so they can cut through frozen items easily.

For sous vide cooking, blow torches are used to caramelize meat crust and in fish cooking, blow torches are used to sear the outside.  The heat is also ideal to crisp skin on poultry, meat and fish and to create the perfect crackling.

Look for:

  • Refillable cylinders.
  • Non-slip handles.
  • Flame control.
  • Safety locks.

Points to remember when using a blow torch in the kitchen:

  • Always light the torch before holding it on food.
  • Place food on a metal tray before using the blow torch.
  • Never touch the flame.
  • Keep flammable liquid (such as alcohol) far away from the blow torch.
  • Check the gas is off when you have finished using the torch.

For further information on blow torches visit the pastry and baking equipment pages in the Wholesale Kitchen Supplies section or contact the Alliance customer care team. 

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