Summer is here and with it comes the best of British weather (that is if your preference is sunny days and clear skies). The improved seasonal climate grants us Brits the opportunity to enjoy long leisurely evenings either reclining on our own personal patios or sipping drinks with friends in beer gardens. Either way, we know how to enjoy the good weather when we are presented with it.

So, how can you as a business ensure you can make the most of this seasonal yearning to enjoy the sun with friends?

We at Alliance Online would recommend ensuring you offer your customers a comfortable and pleasant experience when it comes to your outdoor area. One way this can be achieved is by providing customers with the means to enjoy the atmosphere even during cooler spells such as late at night or as we approach the Summer / Autumn period.

But how can you do this?

When the sun sets it is surprising how cold it can suddenly get whilst sat outside, as such we’d recommend you counter this by installing patio heaters in your outdoor areas. The addition of patio heaters can extend the period of time customers are willing to sit outside, in turn extending the period of time they are spending money with your establishment.
We would recommend one of three patio options for your outdoor dining area:

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted patio heaters are a great option for outdoor spaces as they can be subtly attached to areas that are not within a customer’s immediate eyeline. This range from Swan features highly efficient carbon fibre heating elements and are made of durable aluminium. Be conscious though that these require a power supply so will need to be mounted near a plug socket so they can be plugged in.


An outdoor column patio heater is a classic option which most venues will no doubt either have owned previously, currently own a version of or have considered. Some outdoor heaters can be large and difficult to fit aesthetically with the ambience you’re trying to create. The Swan range includes this contemporary Al Fresco column heater which portrays an elegant visual thanks to its anodised aluminium alloy frame with hints of stainless steel. Much like the wall mounted option this too boasts highly efficient carbon fibre heating elements along with a 1.8-metre-long power cord. Furthermore, it has two power settings so guests can adjust to their needs, and it also has a 360-degree tip over safety switch too.


Finally, we come to the portable option. Initially, you may feel a portable heater is a touch redundant between the wall mounted and column options, but it has many versatile uses. Should you have an outdoor area that is only occasionally used you may not be open to investing in multiple permanent heaters. As such, you can buy a few portable heaters which are stored behind the bar or in a cleaning cupboard which can be handed out to groups who chose to sit outside.

Equally, they are great for adding to the middle of outdoor tables to provide warmth to those sitting around it and also as spares to add extra heat to your current set up. Like the column heater this option also benefits from a 360-degree safety switch as well as a carbon fibre heating element.

Alliance Online have been providing equipment for the hospitality and leisure industries for over 23 years. During this time, we have acquired a large and complete range of equipment perfect for bars and restaurants. We also have a wealth of experience and understanding when it comes to kitting out outdoor spaces were it be to create an ambience or whether you want an outdoor cooking area with commercial barbecues.

Product Spotlight: Patio Heaters
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Product Spotlight: Patio Heaters
With summer looming the hospitality sector turns its attention to maximising its outdoor areas. Alliance Online offer insight into how these areas can be made better with the addition of patio heaters.
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