The heat of summer is leaving many people around the UK desperate for some cool relief. Is there a more appropriate solution to this issue then ice cream? We at Alliance Online would strongly argue that there isn’t. In this article I will be highlighting the reason as to why a restauranteur should put serious consideration to the notion of stocking up on ice cream and the ice cream additions that go with it as well as the trends that the sector is currently seeing.

Calorie Counting Customers

One of the most popular trends restaurant and ice cream parlour owners are currently experiencing is the rise of lifestyle specific options. With the average consumer becoming more aware of the calories and what they mean for health, it is increasingly important that restauranteurs make arrangements for stocking up on low calorie ice cream products. It comes as no surprise to many that the customers will tend to feel less guilty when ordering a dessert they know won’t have an impact on their health. The reason for this rise in people looking for healthier options can be traced back to the rise of healthy eating as a general concept, but it was the Covid-19 lockdown that provided the biggest boost to this trend. As people were locked down, one of the main activities we saw people enjoying was focusing their newfound time and effort into getting into better shape ready for the end of the lockdown restrictions.

Stylish Additions

Obviously, the main part of enjoying ice cream is the ice cream however it isn’t the sole aspect. Preparing the necessary pots for the ice cream is an entirely different matter and can often take as much time to get right as finding the right ice cream to serve. Providing beautiful and elegant additional features to the ice cream experience is something that is almost expected in the modern dining setting. Whether it be an eccentric ice cream pot or a differentiation in presentation the modern customer has slightly raised expectations for dessert delivery. To match the mood and energy of summer we at Alliance Online would highly recommend the Little Moons ice cream pots, the light and fluffy aqua blue tone of the containers provide an elegant contrast against any restaurant or ice cream parlour theme.


We understand the apprehensions that can arise when considering stocking up on ice cream desserts. The worries can range from storage concerns all the way to potential profits or lack thereof. If the potential lack of storage solutions is one of your main concerns, hopefully this guide should put to bed your worries. The following are some solutions for ice cream storage.

  1. The cheapest solution for ice cream storage is to simply use a freezer like most other desserts. It is of paramount importance that ice cream is placed in the main part of the freezer. It can be potentially hazardous if placed close towards the freezer door as temperatures are more likely to fluctuate. The reasoning for this can be as simple as the door being open and shut frequently or it can be because of a broken seal that creates warmer temperatures, it goes without saying that this can create issues with food quality and can lead to customer coming to harm. The need for fully working freezers in a restaurant can’t be overstated and should be regularly checked to guarantee quality. Here at Alliance Online we would recommend the Foster XR600L single door cabinet freezer. This combines the excellent standards required for the modern kitchen as well as the energy efficiency needed for saving on costs.
  2. If costs aren’t an issue, it would be recommended to use more than one fridge for food storage. The main reason for this are the dangers of storing ice cream alongside uncovered foods, the odours can penetrate ice cream and affect the flavour. The actual act of storing ice cream is very simple and won’t be difficult for any restauranteur or ice cream parlour staff. There shouldn’t be a need for a second freezer if stored correctly though and this should not put any restaurant off serving ice cream desserts.
  3. Just as important as the previous points, keeping ice cream container lids tightly secured when storing the ice cream is a necessity. The idea for this is similar to the previous point about warmer temperatures affecting the taste however reducing the amount of ice crystals that form on the ice cream needs to be regularly measured. The best way to minimise the possibility of ice cream crystals is to place the ice cream in a gallon freezer bag.

Why Ice Cream Is Trending

Creativity and innovation is the aim of the game in the ice cream sector in recent years. This has led to some very interesting developments whether it be taste-wise or general growth in the sector. Greater complexities in ice cream flavours and new textures seemingly being created daily, it should come as no surprise why this sector is experiencing a resurgence. The current ice cream trend and the warm weather seems like a perfect blend for the summer. According to Mintel over 45% of consumers view ice cream as their favourite indulgence further cementing the notion that ice cream should be a staple for any restaurant.

Homemade Ice Cream

The notion that making homemade ice cream is too time-consuming for a restaurant is outdated. As customers demand more variety from a commercial kitchen one of the best ways of providing this differentiation is by simply making the ice cream from scratch. This can be done through the use of automatic ice cream machines or by hand manually. Whilst costs can be high for an industry standard ice cream machine the benefits are many, most notably efficiency and consistency. Making ice cream by hand can be tiring especially in a commercial setting where demand can be high. The kitchen conditions for making ice cream manually in the summer are inadequate to say the least. This is why it would be highly recommended that to match the high demand and trending nature of ice cream a restauranteur invests in an ice cream machine.

Here at Alliance Online, we understand the increased pressure and concerns that restauranteurs are currently facing. In our 20 years of experience we have seen the various trends that have arisen. In the summer of 2022, we believe ice cream will carry on the resurgence the industry is experiencing and will culminate on World Ice Cream Day which is celebrated on July 17th in the UK.

Celebrate World Ice Cream Day This July
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Celebrate World Ice Cream Day This July
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