At Alliance Online we pride ourselves on over 20 years of supplying the hospitality, education, leisure, healthcare and public sectors with professional products. During our trading history we have used many suppliers with us choosing to develop strong relationships with companies who meet our needs and those of our customers. One such supplier of ours who achieves this, and more is chemical producer InnuScience.

InnuScience was founded in 1992 with its vision of harnessing the power of nature to produce cleaning chemicals which are not harmless and minimal in waste production. Throughout its years of trading, it has developed into a UK market leader where sustainable chemical solutions are concerned.


Since its inception, InnuScience has strived to be at the forefront of eco-cleaning and chemicals, as such as they and their science has developed, they have begun utilising biotechnology within their products.

But what is biotechnology?

Biotechnology is the process of using living organisms to perform set tasks or solve particular problems. In the case of cleaning products, microbes and enzymes are used to tackle dirt, grease and grime whilst eliminating unpleasant odours too. The benefit of products which boast biotechnological properties are they’re smart, clean and sustainable options which are normally safer to use when compared with non-bio chemical alternatives.

Naturally working with bioactive ingredients requires leading research and development which InnuScience has thanks to its leading scientists and years of experience. They design, stabilise and properly formulate all of their products to ensure consistent results for the end user.

Eco-Credentials and the Dragonfly

At Alliance we enjoy having InnuScience’s range of products as one of our cleaning solutions which we can promote to customers. As a company we aim to use and advertise sustainable and green products wherever possible in line with our own green objectives. Finding suppliers who are eco-conscious and offer our customers an environmental option, especially within the chemicals sector makes InnuScience a key supplier whom we trust.

Further adding to their eco-credentials InnuScience have their own personal hallmark which they attribute to their products as a sign of their biotechnology. The Dragonfly is their “Hallmark of Nature” and acts as their promise their cleaning products are safe for the environment and pledges their commitment to contribute towards a clean and sustainable future. It also ensures their environmental cleaning products meet their own high standards of sustainability and their goal to reduce the impact the cleaning sector has on climate change.

The above is why we at Alliance Online are considered principal suppliers for the InnuScience range of products. We are proud to work alongside them and promote their eco-alternative cleaning chemicals to our customers to help them achieve their own green goals. To view our online InnuScience offering click here and to peruse our full range of environmental products click here. Equally, download our Environmentally Conscious Guide now to see how we can help you.

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Alliance Online take time to look more closely at one of our suppliers: InnuScience. The company boasts a wide range of chemicals which use biotechnology to harness the power of nature whilst also promoting minimal waste.
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