When working in the commercial catering industry I’m sure you are well aware that problems seemingly arise daily. One of the most common issues being the servery counter systems and the lack of reliability commonly associated with this area of the kitchen. If this issue pertains to you or has in the past, fear not. All of the different varieties of catering carts can together form a unique servery counter solution. CED Fabrications have introduced the Glide range to counteract this issue that many suffer on a regular basis. Utilising an impressive wide array of features to suit the individual needs.

Glide Range

The Glide range features some of the finest dining carts currently available on the market. Designed with stainless-steel and featuring plastisol front and panels, the Glide range provides a balancing act between aesthetically pleasing and durable design made for the commercial catering environment. The Glide range offers a large variety of choices that suit any requirements necessary with optional gantry choices, wall or solid positioning alternatives and other enhancements. Many of the issues commercial kitchens are currently facing can be traced to weaknesses in the serving capabilities the dining carts can offer. The Glide range effectively reduces the issues faced due to the fully functional and practical structures all the Glide range products possess.

Why The Glide Range Is Superior

Not only does the Glide range benefit from utilising high-quality materials and standards, CED Fabrications also puts energy efficiency at the forefront. As energy efficiency has become increasingly important not just to a business but to everybody, the Glide range is a perfect example of how to save money as well as remaining uncompromising on the quality required for a commercial kitchen. Combining forces with Tournus equipment has further demonstrated CED’s desire to continuously innovate like no other. It is safe to say the Glide range is the next step in dining carts evolution.

As mentioned previously the energy efficiency of the range is a substantial benefit that should provide users much needed savings that most other ranges in the industry can’t offer at this moment. One other main factor making the Glide range ideal for all commercial catering kitchens would be the versatility the carts offer, an example of this being the carts can be either free-standing or wall-sited signalling a flexibility rarely seen in dining cart ranges.

Company Background

Providing expert and innovative ranges across Europe and the Middle East, CED Fabrications specifically prioritise fulfilling the diverse requirements customers have. Placing an importance on providing the best possible solutions and meeting customer’s needs. With reliability at the heart of the company the recent merger made with Tournus Equipment is a testament to the desire to grow as a company. No matter the product CED Fabrications are committed to using cutting-edge production to offer the latest in the industry. CED Fabrications offer a wide range of products with high-quality finishes designed to cater towards wider audiences.

Here at Alliance we are proud to carry the CED Glide range and sufficiently promote the expert products they offer. We do this as we want to help our readers achieve their optimal working standards and CED dining carts can help achieve this. To view the full Glide range please redirect to our Alliance Online website.

CED Glide Range Guide
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CED Glide Range Guide
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