As with all industries there are many trends that come and go yearly, monthly and sporadically weekly leaving a bar and restaurant in turmoil with out of date and out of fashion glassware. The goal for a bar or restaurant is to stay on top of the trends that will last for the year. The bar and restaurant industry like many others is currently experiencing a tumultuous period making it awfully difficult to start a business but with these 5 tips this article should ease potential apprehensions and burdens an aspiring restauranteur faces. To understand why glassware is such a key component in creating an atmosphere, you must first realise that glassware is often one of the first identifiable points customers make with the bar itself. The perfect glassware doesn’t exist but the ideal glassware for your bar does, glassware can elevate a product through excellent presentation. From Utopia to Artis, here at Alliance Online we will help you find the perfect glassware for your establishment and the glassware trends and tips we expect to flourish in 2022.

Roaring 20s

The very first point that must be established is the atmosphere and theme your bar will be looking to create. It can’t be overstated the importance that must be placed on determining what theme the bar or restaurant will have. Vintage bars and restaurants are currently experiencing a renaissance with many customers wistfully looking to capture the times of years gone by. The glassware is an expression of freedom for the mixologist and can be used as a vehicle to demonstrate their passion and pride for the work they do1. As mentioned earlier trends come and go but what stays the same is nostalgia, this is a trend that will be seen and executed throughout 2022. Here at Alliance Online we believe that there is no better glassware range currently available than the Utopia Timeless Vintage range for creating a truly authentic vintage aesthetic, made from robust machine-made glass the Utopia Vintage range revives the look and feel of traditional cut crystal whilst also maintaining an aesthetic that is versatile.

Process Of Elimination

We’ve all been there; you’ve found the perfect glassware that fits your theme and atmosphere down to a tee, but for some reason sales are stagnant and consumers are indifferent. Simply put, this won’t be a quick fix that will effectively be completed in one week. Finding the perfect glassware is a process of elimination that might deter some however don’t be because every successful bar and restaurant will attest, they have gone through glassware style changes as the trends change. The ideal glassware range is dependent on the individuals preference. The prevailing theory is that glassware should be a mix between various ranges with a staple range for all year round combined with a strong and impactful glassware range that is on-trend. It is critical to note that finding what works for you and the customer is a massive step forward in becoming a successful establishment. As finding the perfect range is entirely a matter of preference all we at Alliance can do is strongly urge you to browse the Utopia glassware range as well as our full range of glassware options we have available and visualising what suits you and your theme. Finally, remember this is a process. Don’t be deterred if your initial glassware range isn’t successful, the first one seldom is.

Simple Is Superior

In the current time it would make sense to keep your glassware simple. Understandably you will be panicking about which glassware range would be appropriate for your bar or restaurant. To avoid this, there aren’t many better options than simplistic designs that put the focus back on the products rather than the presentation. There is currently a clear lack of certainty on the future of the bar and restaurant industry as evidenced by a June 2021 report that stated, “only 14% of pubs and bars reported they had “high” confidence they would survive the next 3 months”2 thus demonstrating the need for a return to a more simplistic style of glassware that doesn’t divide consumer opinions. For the best Utopia glassware products peruse our range at Alliance Online, we personally recommend the Utopia Enoteca range. Keeping your glassware range simple is an effective choice to ensure your bar or restaurant can attract a wide range of customers.

Capitalising On The Rosé Trend

With the renaissance of the cocktail Rosé it is imperative your bar and restaurant keep up with the demand for fashionable cocktail glasses. Rosé has made a return to popularity and has seen a growth in sales over the last year that is expected to continue in 2022. If you are wondering how this relates to glassware it’s simple, the higher demand there is of Rosé the higher the demand will be for presentation boasting cocktail glasses. You’re probably questioning why Rosé has made a return to popularity, the answer is straightforward really, the vibrant colour is perfect for the party atmosphere people are searching for as we gradually emerge from lockdown and the hold Covid-19 has had on the world. We at Alliance Online firmly believe that Rosé will be a central figure to the bar and restaurant industry in 2022. Due to this, it can be claimed cocktail glasses will also see a rise as they are perfect for creating a party atmosphere. If you are looking to provide a party aesthetic to your bar, then we would highly recommend the Utopia Hayworth range as well as the Utopia Capri range. Both of these ranges deliver a party-style presentation whilst also providing an attractive and fashionable design that would be suitable for most themes. This makes the Capri and Hayworth ranges very versatile which is an important asset to have in the current turbulent bar and restaurant industry.

The Charm Of The Imperfect Depression Glass

Along the same theme as the rise of rosé another way to provide excitement and fun to your bar and restaurant is through simply adding coloured glassware. In a 2021 Pinterest report it was noted that there was an increase of 135% in searches for coloured glassware3 and Google trends also replicate similar statistics4 demonstrating the emergence of coloured glassware as a viable and successful option when choosing appropriate glassware. If you’re wondering why there is a sudden craze surrounding coloured glassware, this is a reference to the Great Depression that sent shockwaves throughout the world in 1929 and was felt throughout the 1930s. The premise is simple to take your mind off of the hardships and struggles we are currently facing using vibrant and bright designs. The name coined by this style is depression glassware5 after the moulded glassware that was mass produced from the 1920s to 1940s4. Whilst simple the idea has been effective as drinking from coloured glassware will make the bar and restaurant experience more memorable. Whilst Alliance Online doesn’t stock genuine depression glassware, we do carry similar styles of glassware. An example we truly love and feel would be perfect to create the same effect as depression glassware would be the Arcoroc Hiball Tumbler. The delicate blue tint is very reminiscent of times gone by and would be an essential for any themed bar. Artis Old Fashioned Tumbler which is adorned with a visually striking deep ruby effect offers an eye-catching statement to any bar or restaurant.

It is important to remember to adhere strictly to Covid guidelines and we should keep drinking responsibly at the foremost of our minds. Here at Alliance, we understand the business’ perspective and note that any bar or restaurant should be including these as part of their glassware ranges. For more information on our glassware ranges, you can visit our website where you can find the perfect glass accompaniment to any bar or restaurant for your customers in 2022.


5 Glassware Tips & Trends Guaranteed To Impress
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Alliance Online discuss 5 glassware tips and trends guaranteed to impress customers during 2022. With retro returning, rosé resurging and simplicity being back in fashion we outline all the hospitality industry needs to ensure their glassware is on trend this year.
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