For establishments that provide food, the kitchen is one of the most important aspects of the entire business. Whether it be the staff who work in it or the appliances which are used, it is integral to ensuring your food is produced in a timely manner to the best quality possible. One critical issue that faces business owners when it comes to their kitchens is often space, or more precisely the ability to expand the existing footprint. As a result, there are usually two options when kitchens do become a bit of a tight squeeze; either incorporate another area (usually requiring building, design, new equipment costs and more) or get smarter with your current space.

Space optimisation has been a part of kitchen design for many years but doing so can be a costly process. Instead of replacing your appliances with more up to date ones which can be pricey, you could buy some great “plug and play” options which can be used on your counter tops. Here at Alliance, we have a range of fantastic countertop capital equipment options available thanks to our partnership with Hendi.

Having access to electrical worktop appliances can help give kitchens additional cooking options without the need to find space to house full pieces of kitchen equipment like an oven or fryer. All chefs need is cupboard space to store when not in use, a clear area on their countertop and a nearby standard plug socket. The ease of use offers chefs a fantastic quick addition of functionality when needed to help fulfil outstanding orders.

The range includes the following:

Hendi Profi Line Induction Hob

With a sleek black ceramic glass surface and 26 power settings this induction hob is both stylish and functional. Suitable for induction pans and frying pans ranging from 120 to 260mm in diameter it also benefits from a stepless adjustable power dial too.

Hendi Profi Line Electric Griddle

Benefitting from being made from stainless steel, this electric griddle is suitable for long use and has overheating protection built into the design of the appliance. It also has a removable drip tray, stepless thermostat and non-slip feet.

Hendi Profi Line Salamander Grill

With four different shelf positions available the salamander grill offers users great flexibility when it comes to grilling. It conforms to IPX4 and is made from high quality stainless steel. It benefits from an adjustable temperature setting which ranges from 50˚C to 300˚C as well as a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning and hygiene maintenance.

Hendi Profi Line Single Electric Fryer (4L, 6L & 8L)

With three sizes available these stainless steel fryers with automatic thermal safety cut off feature are a fantastic worktop option. Both the element and the oil tank are removable making cleaning easy and a temperature range of 50˚C to 190˚C these fryers are just what your kitchen needs.

Naturally, having the appliances plugged in and operating permanently is not best practice, but they can be on and functioning for the duration of a service period. For more information about our Hendi range contact our Capital Equipment Team on 01270 252333 or email us at

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