Commercial Laundry: How to make your wash work for you

In recent years the mantra of ‘if it’s not dirty, wash at 30’ has become a standard phrase used by various large brands within the washing industry. The saying is normally associated with home washing though, opposed to a commercial setting. In turn, most businesses who require a more heavy-duty approach due to the nature of the stains they are cleaning denounce this energy saving measure as something not relevant to them, but could the lower temperatures stop their rising washing costs?

Well, the marketing-leading brand Ariel who are trusted by the nation on a domestic front have brought out a new professional range of laundry products including both liquid laundry detergent and liquitabs. These products are specifically formulated to tackle the toughest laundry jobs from commercial settings1 whilst still allowing you to meet your green goals. The new Ariel offering provides users with brilliant cleaning, even whites on cold washes. So, whether you operate in a care home, hotel, takeaway, restaurant or any other business, Ariel professional will wash away the toughest industry stains with great ease first time. This means you can confidently produce the same level of clean linens for your guests, reduce your laundry costs and decrease your carbon impact thanks to washing at 30°C.

Wait! Did you say even on whites?

Yes! The unique and superior formulation in the Ariel professional range means you get unbeatable brightness and stain removal on your white textiles. Furthermore, the detergent also helps keep whites looking white for longer too. Equally, the products also help your business save on costs and labour when it comes to pre-soaking and pre-washing. Proctor & Gamble (P&G), the manufacturers of the new range appreciate that to businesses time is money so the detergents will secure the same outstanding results in just one wash at low temperatures as you’d get from employing a pre-wash strategy.

But why should we care about washing at 30?

When it comes to laundry the most impactful aspect is the energy used to heat the water in the machines. According to Ariel2 if every household within the Greater London area were to change their washing temperature from 40°C to 30°C for one year it would save enough energy to rotate the London Eye 2.3 million times. As business owners however, we appreciate you are not interested in how many times opting to wash at 30°C can turn the London Eye so let us put it another way. According to a report published by Home Energy Scotland3 (managed by the Energy Saving Trust) washing at 30°C opposed to higher temperatures will save you around 40% of the energy you would normally use.

At Alliance we strongly believe in moving forward towards a greener future and a world where all businesses do their bit to be environmentally conscious. As such, we believe as wholesalers it’s our duty to ensure all our customers have access to products which can help them reduce their energy usage. The benefit with Ariel’s new professional range is not only does it help with reducing your energy but also saves you money at the same time. But don’t just take our word for it, the new Ariel Professional liquid has been awarded the Efficient Solution Label by Solar Impulse Foundation. This label proves Ariel Professional helps protect the environment in a profitable way. Learn more here:

Still not convinced. What do the scientists say?

Dr Paul Campbell, the leading research and development scientist behind NEW Ariel Professional, explains how the right detergent and a cold wash can give efficient and professional results in record time:

“New Ariel Professional liquid is designed to give breakthrough performance on all laundry even at 30°C. It contains a range of technologies specifically designed to deliver outstanding cleaning and stain removal. New Ariel Liquid also contains a new whiteness booster technology which makes it perfect for washing your white items, helping make them whiter and brighter for longer.”

Hopefully, all of this will convince you to at least consider reviewing your laundry operations and the energy your business uses when washing your linens. So, whether you are a hotelier, restaurant, education institute or other business the new range from Ariel Professional can help you save on both your energy usage and from a financial standpoint. For more products which can help you achieve your environmental targets visit our eco-shop or download our eco-brochure to see how our offering can help you.


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Commercial Laundry: How to make your wash work for you
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Commercial Laundry: How to make your wash work for you
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