Pork scratchings are a staple of the local pub scene whether they are hanging up behind the bar or hidden in an undercounter box, they are present. As such it came as quite the shock when the Tayto Group Ltd initiated a precautionary recall of some of their pork scratching products due to the possible presence of Salmonella.

Included in the recall were items from brands such as Mr Porky, Jay’s and The Real Pork Crackling Company, with a full list detailed by the Food Standard Agency (FSA). It also pertains to products purchased after September 2020, so products before this date should be OK (Naturally, if you are unsure contact your supplier).

As such, pubs may need to reconsider their current snack choice to accommodate for this recall. We at Alliance have thought of a few possible alternatives (some obvious, others more unusual) which pubs and bars may want to try.

1. Crisps

Where there are pork scratchings there are almost always crisps. The two are staples of the pub world and are just as at home in any establishment as any pint or glass of alcohol. So, why are we highlighting them?

Well, simply because why not use this as an opportunity to try other brands outside your standard Walkers crisps. Take a chance on some more unique flavours to add some spice and taste to usual offering. Sweet chilli is great for adding some fire to your pundit’s palate, in turn causing them to need a much-needed drink to cool down. The more they eat, the more they drink.

Following the above trend of flavours which dry out your customers mouth, salty crisps are a great pub choice. Most people enjoy Ready Salted crisps but why not try some more up market brands which may offer “Sea Salt” or “Rock Salt” options for something a little different that still delivers the desired effect.

Or, you could try more complementary flavours such as crisps with hints of lime and chive. Equally, go for the familiar and select meatier flavours to accompany your beverages making the pairing of alcohol and crisp one your customers will relish and enjoy.

2. Jerky

For a straightforward and more obvious swap, why not swap one meat-based snack for another; jerky. Following in a similar vein to crisps, jerky is another already established pub staple due to its dryness and often thirst inducing flavour and texture. Despite it being more expensive, the quality of meat and taste is better meaning pundits are still likely to opt for a bag whilst enjoying a few drinks.

The snack is equally an arguably healthier option to scratchings and the above-mentioned crisps. You could also opt for vegetarian and vegan versions to accommodate all customers irrespective of their dietary preferences.

3. Nuts

Sticking with favourites and the familiar, nuts are a great option for pub snacking. Whether you prefer the better-known brands such as KP or would rather offer your customers something a little different there are plenty of choices to choose from. Much like the aforementioned salty crisps, salted nuts help create a thirst in your customers mouths which will ultimately require a beverage to quench.

Nuts in moderation are also quite healthy providing consumers with much needed monounsaturated fat, fibre, protein and vitamins such as magnesium and vitamin E. That being said, they should be enjoyed within a limit as they also contain some saturated fats which if eaten in too large a quantity can lead to increased LDL cholesterol and in turn over prolonged overconsumption, issues like excessive weight gain, heart disease and risk of stroke.

As such if you do choose to sell nuts try and offer them in smaller quantities, this way you can sell customers a few bags without feeling guilty and know that each bag will probably garner an additional beverage bought to enjoy alongside them.

4. Popcorn

Sometimes it pays to be different, and other times people will pay for different. Popcorn can be a great snack option in pub and bars, especially higher market ones which promote fun and a more social atmosphere. Places like gastropubs and cocktail bars can offer bite size portions of flavoured popcorns to add a tasty snack to evening drinks.

Sweet and salty are two well-known variants but offering more complex flavours can add a level of luxury to an otherwise rather basic snack. Popcorn also appeals to the more health conscious patron making them a good alternative to scratchings.

5. Cockles

OK, so just here us out. If you are a mainland pub without a shoreline in sight, then this is not for you. However, if your pub is by the sea (particularly in the South of England or in Wales), this could be a good alternative if you aren’t already serving them.

Deep fried cockles can be an easy and simple way to offer customers a warm snack that also brings the freshness of the sea. Deep frying them also has the benefit of reducing the risk of serving “off” cockles but also gets rid of the vinegary smell which can be off putting for some who are not as used to the smell.

So there you have it, five snacks which could replace your pork scratchings if you have been impacted by the Tayto Group product recall. At Alliance we have been supplying the pub and bar trade for over 20 years and throughout this time we have acquired an in-depth knowledge to the needs and requirements of the industry. As such, we have a thorough product offering for this sector which can be found here on Alliance Online. Equally, if you have any questions regarding what we can provide your pub and would like to speak to a local rep, find your nearest branch here.

Need a new nibble in your pub? Try these alternatives
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Need a new nibble in your pub? Try these alternatives
Following the Tayto Group Ltd precautionary recall of some of their pork scratching products due to the possible presence of Salmonella, Alliance Online have put together a list of five pub snack alternatives that you can try.
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