We reached out to one of our key suppliers, Churchill and asked for their thoughts regarding food trends and what they are expecting to see in the following twelve months. They had the following to say:

“While we travelled less in 2020, we still enjoyed international cuisines and we explored with our taste buds, so expect to see Asian Fusions remaining the most popular food style in the market. And as restaurants adapt to hybrid models, we’ll see more street food dishes on menus that are suitable for eating in or taking out.

Several key themes are emerging in the hospitality market and the changing the way we dine. Sustainability, Internationalism, Experience and Community are all key themes diners and restaurants are considering while making menu and meal choices.

Sustainability focuses on the more meat free options, using local produce to lower the carbon footprint of ingredients and opting away from using single use plastics. Linking closely with the community theme where using home-grown produce on the menus helps support the local communities and businesses.

Internationalism and Experience are themes that are always growing. Diners have always had a keen interest in exploring new exciting dishes and flavours from all around the world. Combining the need of exploration with an immersive and exciting dining experience. More venues now offer entertainment or unique dining experiences to attract the customers.

Alongside the emerging themes the top three food trends have remained consistent ‘Cleaning Eating’, ‘Rustic Italian’ and ‘Asian Fusions’.

Clean Eating

More than ever before there is focus on nutrition and how our diets impact not only our physical health but also our mental well-being. So as diners continue to reduce their intake of meat and processed food there is also a new focus on how our diets can change our moods.

Veganism can no longer be called a passing trend, vegetarians and flexitarians are on the rise and motivators such as ‘Veganuary’ and ‘Meat-free Mondays’ are now encouraging diners to try plant-based dishes. Non-vegetarian diets are said to have a greater impact on environmental resources, so eco-conscious consumers are reducing their intake of meat and processed foods.

Rustic Italian

The popularity for woodfired pizza ovens continues to grow, simple and short pizzas menus made with top quality ingredients and paired with craft beer. There has been a rise in vegan and vegetarian dining, with chefs embracing the heritage of meat free dining in Italy. Many of the top Italian restaurant brands have launched dedicated vegan menus. The popularity for sharing food becomes ever more relevant for the cuisine, with family style feasting, small plates and sharing platters.

Asian Fusions

Asian Fusions is the largest and fastest growing food style in the independent restaurant sector.
Our societies are multicultural and diverse, which means traditional family recipes from across the world are brought to restaurant tables. We see Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese cuisines growing in popularity. The restaurant industry continues to be influenced by Southeast Asian Street food and the rise of the casual dining term ‘bowl food’ is now commonplace, with bowls become the choice vessels for noodles, healthy broths and nutritious salads. Diners are more adventurous than ever before, seeking out the flavours, experiences and ingredients that they experienced while travelling.”

The pandemic has impacted our lives by way of lockdowns, restrictions and other such areas. However, what it has done is given us as a population a new found appreciation for the smaller things such as eating out and enjoying being waited on. These food trends which Churchill have highlighted are all expected to feature in the following twelve months so maybe consider adding some dishes from each style to your menu to further entice additional customers. Alliance Online has a broad range of Churchill products which would be perfect for any food venue so why not check out our Churchill specific shop here.

Food Trend Predictions from Churchill China
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Food Trend Predictions from Churchill China
We reached out to one of our key suppliers, Churchill and asked for their thoughts regarding food trends and what they are expecting to see in the following twelve months. Have a read and see what they predict will sweep our food industry in the next year.
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