The year of 2020 will forever be one that is etched in the history books due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its global impact, both on health and economics. One key aspect that should not be ignored nor forgotten is that the pandemic brought into the spotlight a greater degree of understanding and appreciation for hygiene. In particular personal hygiene by way of hand cleanliness and sanitisation.

A recent study conducted by Citron Hygiene found that in 2020 the average amount of times an adult washed their hands increased from five to eight times a day. In addition, the average time spent by adults when soaping and washing their hands went from less than thirteen seconds to nineteen seconds. This increase in hand hygiene has been a direct result of national and international media awareness in an attempt to stem the transmission of the virus.

Equally, there has been increased reviews into the effects and distribution of hand-based pathogens when using hand dryers. Moreover, end users stated in surveys their preference towards hand towels opposed to air dryers, with a recent 2020 UK survey1 finding:

59% of the respondents agreed with the statement “I wish more facilities offered paper hand towels as an alternative to air dryers” and as many as 33% “feel unsafe entering a washroom with air dryers”.

As such, many businesses are now reconsidering their options where hand drying options are concerned. This has led to an increase in the amount of businesses installing hand towel dispensers as a preferred mode of hand drying for their customers.

Essity whom own the Tork brand of products have a revolutionary range of hand towel dispensers named PeakServe. They have been designed for businesses with medium to high traffic washrooms and focus on both functionality and financial efficiency whilst offering a sleek and aesthetic finish.

The way in which PeakServe achieves this is in part due to the compression of the hand towels prior to loading the dispenser. The new design allows the unit to hold 250% more hand towels preventing unexpected shortages. It also means that where bathrooms experience high volumes of traffic less refills are needed. Equally, the product integrates with the Tork EasyCube system.

This strategy is a smart technology which ties in with a number of Tork dispensers allowing business users to monitor and manage their facility paper hygiene supplies and levels. Through integration with their intuitive app, cleaners gain notifications and real-time updates on the status of dispensers. In turn, this affords cleaning staff the ability to better manage their time without unnecessary checking of dispensers.

So, for an easy to install hand drying option which saves time and energy of staff whilst offering much greater hygiene compared with air dryers, try PeakServe. Stylish, sleek and smart all in one fantastic dispenser.



1 – Survey conducted by United Minds in cooperation with CINT April 8–13, 2020. The survey covered UK and 1004 answered the survey. For more information contact Essity and request their marketing department.

PeakServe – The answer to your businesses hand drying problems
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PeakServe – The answer to your businesses hand drying problems
With increased interest on hand hygiene and how pathogens spread, we at Alliance take a look at Tork's revolutionary hand towel dispenser system PeakServe. Designed for busy washroom areas this system can help your cleaning staff work smarter.
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