Since the mid-2010s, sustainability has been a large topic which has culminated in one of the foremost discussed areas within modern business. With governments, industries and charities all working towards national and international eco targets and pledges manufacturers are working double time to bring more green products to market to both keep their product range relevant and aid in meeting new standards.

One area where it can be difficult to find environmental options is within commercial cleaning, particularly the chemicals sector. Sourcing a cleaning range which is both financially and environmentally sustainable for businesses in the hospitality and leisure industries can be hard. With an increased demand for cleanliness above other sectors, these industries normally have multiple areas which require constant and thorough cleaning measures in place. Whether it be a commercial kitchen, a hotel full of rooms and bathrooms or a large restaurant dining area, they all require an industry standard level of hygiene which must always be upheld.

As a result, the cleaning costs for businesses in these industry sectors can be astonishingly high. This makes it difficult to quantify choosing more expensive eco-cleaning products compared with cheaper less environmentally conscious alternatives. There is also the issue that it can be difficult for chemical manufacturers to make their products eco-conscious with the most common forms coming by way of green packaging and production methods.

One range that does stand out where environmental sustainability is concerned is the SURE collection of cleaning chemicals from Diversey. The range covers all cleaning routines and daily hygiene requirements for both kitchens and washrooms including personal care market too. Each product has a formulation designed to deliver a superior professional finish while maximising safety and gentleness for both people and the environment. Typically, all meet the eco-certification criteria and where applicable all are EU Ecolabel certified or have approval pending.

The entire SURE range is manufactured from environmentally responsible plant-based ingredients from renewable resources. Normally, these ingredients are derived from by-products of the agri-food industry, originating from sugar beet, maize, straw bran, wheat bran and coconut. The products contain no artificial dyes, perfumes, quats, chlorine, phosphates or oxide compounds meaning they generally have lower safety classifications compared to conventional alternatives.

The kitchen aspect of the range comprises eight products in total covering all routine tasks including hand dishwashing, general surface cleaning, appliance and surface degreasing and descaling, glass and grill cleaning, and surface sanitising and disinfection. The washroom range contains four products covering daily cleaning, descaling, toilet cleaning, and floor cleaning. The personal care range is made up of six antibacterial and conventional hand care products including soaps, washes and sanitisers.

SURE excellently satisfies a particular requirement within the hygiene market and does so at a price which won’t break the bank. Diversey have enhanced the sustainability credentials of the range further by ensuring the range is also compatible with their systems SmartDose and QuattroSelect. With these, water is only added at the point of use which means smaller packs are required to support the same cleaning operation. This in turn reduces packaging requirements as well as minimising transport, handling, storage and recycling burdens. Moreover, because these platforms enable accurate and consistent preparation of high-performance solutions there is less wastage or need for repeat cleaning, all of which improves productivity and saves time and money.

At Alliance Online we make a concerted effort to offer eco-alternatives where possible whether it be cleaning chemicals, straws, cocktail stirrers, food disposables, drink cups and more. Furthermore, should you be interested in overhauling an entire area or range within your business why not view our eco-brochures and contact our head office or one of our local depots to see how Alliance can help you.

Offer an as-SURE-d sustainable cleaning solution in your premises
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Offer an as-SURE-d sustainable cleaning solution in your premises
With more focus being put on the eco-crisis and businesses doing their part to reduce the global footprint, Alliance discuss the benefits of the Diversey SURE range for businesses looking to make their cleaning solutions more environmentally sustainable.
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