Whether your specialty is fish and chips, your famous secret recipe meat and potato pie or a more exotic style of cooking, most kitchens employ the use of a deep fat fryer. This essential piece of equipment represents a key stone of the kitchen appliance landscape. But how much is this champion chip producer costing you in frying oil?

The answer: more than it could be.

Intrigued? At Alliance, we have a product which can reduce your frying oil consumption by over 50%. Naturally, we understand your hesitation at such a claim, but the product in question – the FriPura Tablet – has been independently tested and approved by both Bibra Toxicology Advice & Consulting and Campden BRI.

So, what is a FriPura tablet? Simple, it’s a ceramic tablet which is placed in an envelope which is further housed in a metal box. The box (with tablet inside) is then positioned at the base of the fryer, completely immersed in oil and left for the remainder of the oil’s working life.


By introducing a FriPura tablet to your frying oil the quality of the oil stays better for longer. Tests by the aforementioned companies showed there was no difference between oil without a tablet following 4 days of use and that of oil which contained a tablet after 8 days of use. As such, the product offers a cost saving of up to 50% on fryer oil spend.

Furthermore, cost isn’t the only area you’ll see a saving. Due to the quality of oil remaining higher for longer, food prepared in a fryer containing a tablet benefit from a calorie reduction of 23%. In addition to calorie depreciation, inclusion of a tablet within the frying process also results in an acrylamide reduction of up to 11%. To find out more information regarding the tablet and how it achieves the above-mentioned reductions, click here.

To speak to someone about the tablets you can contact Alliance National via telephone – 0844 499 4300, or by email – response@alliancenational.co.uk or purchase it online here.

FriPura – cut you frying oil cost in half!
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FriPura – cut you frying oil cost in half!
Want to lower your frying oil expenditure whilst also decreasing the calorific value of the food you fry? If so, the FriPura tablet is what you're looking for, place one in your fryer and enjoy the benefits of up to 50% reduction in oil costs.
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