The freak shake: the traditional milkshake’s monstrously sized cousin, has had a heyday of engagement as a trend from innovative operators and consumers curious to try the latest drink-dessert hybrid. Thick, sugary milkshakes topped with cream, sauces and any number of massive toppings from cookies to large chocolate bars or whole slices of cheesecake, have had a knack for becoming a hit over social media platforms thanks to its rich presentation striking an instant accord with sweet-tooth’d diners.

Nevertheless, whilst not being a deal breaker during the freak shake’s initial rise, a health-focused market with a love for vegan and vegetarian diets has been steadily growing in strength. With such high sugar, thus high calorie contents, the appeal of freak shakes would theoretically start to crumble in favour of lighter alternatives. Has this been the case? The answer would be “only in a manner of speaking”. Since they’re UK debut in 2015, freak shakes have sold between 1,000 and 2,000 a week, showing almost no signs of slowing down.

A major reason freak shakes haven’t had their day yet is because of Instagram. Despite the health controversy of the shakes thanks to their high sugar content, freak shakes are Instagram gold. They’re striking presentation has been able to get the most popular shakes trending almost instantly, being almost the sole cause of what operators have reported as seeing queues out the door.

Warnings from groups like Action on Sugar and the British Heart Foundation may have shaken sales initially, but it won’t stop audiences engaging with the Instagram platform where freak shakes are so heavily promoted. Although the industry is building up to be one brimming with health-cautious consumers, we’ll also be seeing more who’ll assess the risks from indulgent products and make their own choices regardless.

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Are Freak Shakes on their way Out?
Article Name
Are Freak Shakes on their way Out?
The Freak Shake has been rocking dessert menu's in the UK for a few years now, but has their high sugar content finally meant the end of the indulgent drink's time in restaurants?
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Alliance Online
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