Whereas standard freezers are kept at 0°C, blast freezing, also know as shock freezing, involves freezers kept at an air temperature of -30 to -40°C. Compared to the 6-12 hours it may take for a normal freezer to freeze food, the much colder temperature in a blast freezer hastens the process, doing the job in approximately 3 hours.

The much lower temperature also enables a longer shelf life. Depending on the food and ingredients stored, frozen products can be stored in a standard freezer for an average life of up to 3 months. Blast freezers on the other hand can store food for an amount of time ranging from 3 months to 18 months.

A long-running debate in restaurants storing their products in freezers is that the overall quality is reduced. This is due to the crystallisation involved in the freezing process, where the water inside freezing food crystallizes into ice. A longer freezing process results in larger ice crystals, damaging the food and negatively affecting its flavour. Blast freezing maintains the quality of the food, keeping the size of ice crystals to a minimum by keeping freezing times as low as possible, resulting in less damage to the products.

As efficiently timesaving blast freezing is It isn’t recommended for blast freezing to be used domestically. The process consumes much more energy than that of standard freezing, meaning massive expenses in utilities for home users. Therefore, blast freezers are usually only used for commercial purposes.

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