As with the rise in popularity for spirits, the resurgence of cocktails as been shining brighter than ever.

Spirits are continuously blowing up more than ever in the drinks market, carrying evermore influence at hospitality venues. The trendy drink which has carried the largest rise in popularity has been gin. Sales have been rising dramatically for the past several years, with 51 million bottles sold in the UK in 2017 alone, growing more than any other spirit that year.


Consumer confidence has inspired the frequent openings of new distilleries, laying the ground work for new flavours and blends to sweep the market and continue to engage consumer curiosity. Alongside vodka, gin’s versatility has become a major gear in the machine that is the revival of the cocktail trend. Often consumed as part of mixed drinks, these are incredibly flexible spirits for more than just established recipes including many innovative mixes that operators have created to reinvigorate today’s market.

The cocktail revival is an obvious trend in the hospitality industry that has sparked waves of innovation. Fuelled by a demand for quality over quantity, mainstream media has made education on spirits easily accessible, altering the perception of cocktails to become affordable status symbols. Consumers have been found to tire of drinks that always taste the same wherever you go. Revival of the cocktail market has set a trend for those who would substitute a few pints of beer, for a drink that feels more finely crafted.

Even in the hospitality market, consumers have been striving for new tasting experiences when it comes to their drinks. A huge selling point of cocktails is that you’re likely to get a different experience each time and at each venue. Whilst two different bars may make a cocktail of the same name, a mojito for example, their take on the drink may be quite different. Be it a different blend of spirits or alternative flavourings, hospitality operators can now serve up high quality drinks that are unique to them, making a memorable impression on the consumer that will encourage repeat business.

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Why Hospitality Venues Should Offer Cocktails
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Why Hospitality Venues Should Offer Cocktails
As with the rise in popularity for spirits, the resurgence of cocktails as been shining brighter than ever in the restaurant and bar industries.
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