How the globally-inspired street food revolution affected the variety of sandwiches sought by consumers on the go

As more consumers are searching for viable meals on the go, operators are able to greatly diversify their ranges of sandwiches, including region-specific varieties and more premium options. The street food revolution has also mutually influenced the trend towards health and wellbeing in the market due to forms of informative technology available to buyers and businesses alike. Consumers who are increasingly wary of what they’re eating are looking for varieties of sandwiches that fulfil both of these requirements.

The best types of bread that work as the best sandwich carriers

The best suited bread as a sandwich carrier would of course depend on its filling. For example, fillings which would result in the bread becoming soggy, such as tomatoes or chicken tikka, are best being supported by rolls or thick cut slices. These benefit the sandwiches greatly due to being able to support specific types of fillings without easily breaking apart.

On the other hand, baguettes can be just as versatile whilst not being as hefty, resulting in less mess even with large amounts of filling. Although baguettes require two hands for a consumer to eat, their limited spacing compared to a sliced breaded sandwich allows for more accurate portion control.

The latest trends in the baked food-to-go market (i.e. fillings and carriers)

In addition to the aforementioned consumer focus on healthier food that support an active lifestyle, the food-to-go market has become more accessible through fusions with retail. For example, compared to ten years ago, you will find that many more convenience stores have either launched their own lines of cold and/or hot baked items to-go or have merged retail branches with food-to-go chains. Operators have also been focusing outside of the traditional target markets of consumers looking for lunch on the go, steering efforts towards breakfast. Looking at popular outlets in the baked food-to-go market, you’ll find their product ranges and promotions have been altered towards breakfast food and commuters, taking advantage of the growing levels of modest consumer spending per visit.

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A few changes in today's Sandwich Market
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A few changes in today's Sandwich Market
Several observations of how changing trends in the food industry has altered the sandwich market.
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