The food and drink industry has evolved rapidly, both in terms of the product and the packaging that contains it. With an increasingly diverse range of packaging options comes the opportunity to utilise your product and branding strategy’s potential.

Certain food and drink providers may be seeking types of packaging that are the most versatile. Plastics, such as polypropylene, are not only effective for multi-use packaging products in terms of storage and transportation. They are also functional in microwaving and reusability. Allowing for reheating and consumption without the need to change receptacle, high quality plastic containers perform effectively for multiple prolonged uses, all whilst maintaining integrity.

In terms of finding products that are environmentally viable, there has been a massive rise of packaging products made with eco-friendly materials that still meet consumer needs just as effectively. For example, a wide range of disposable hot drink products sold by Alliance are made with 100% PEFC certified paperboard. These still maintain outstanding insulation and result in comfort for the consumer whilst being completely bio-degradable after disposal.

The utilisation of environmentally friendly products extends to all manners of the food and drink market. Cartonboard; a type of cardboard made from renewable, organic, recyclable and sustainable materials, is another eco-friendly packaging material that is incredibly practical. Being both greaseproof and microwaveable, cartonboard packaging products meet and exceed consumer needs whilst hitting eco-friendly targets.


Incorporating your company brand on your packaging can be a remarkable tool in increasing brand awareness. As a takeaway/out of home food product is bought and taken away, it is in public view for other potential consumers to see. The decision to use uniquely designed packaging with your company name printed will make your product and brand even more eye-catching. Your location can also be a factor. High traffic areas such as town centres, festivals, markets, public travel hubs and business parks can be centres of mass appeal for your branding strategies.

Depending on the particular food/drink market, your packaging attributes must emphasise the appeal of your product as the opportunity to promote arises. For example, if you’re choosing the appropriate packaging for a range of sandwiches, it would be beneficial to use window packaging or entirely clear plastic packaging as you can rely on quality presentation of the product itself to appeal to the consumer. If you’re selling hot food such as burgers or curries, focus needs to be on effective storage and transportation so that your product maintains its quality on route to consumption, increasing chance of repeat business.

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Food And Drink Packaging Tips
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Food And Drink Packaging Tips
The food and drink industry has evolved rapidly, both in terms of the product and the packaging that contains it. With an increasingly diverse range of packaging options comes the opportunity to utilise your product and branding strategy's potential.
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