Generating more than £1billion for the UK economy as of October 2016, Ice Cream sales have continued to rise in the last couple of years. They only seem to be increasing as we reach the 2017 Summer season. Whilst some may expect the growth to be represented by all sectors of the market, sales of high volume standard ice creams have actually dipped as luxury varieties soared.

According to a study conducted by The Grocer & Statistica , standard ice creams & individual ice cream sales took large hits in 2015 compared to the previous year, as represented in the infographic above. Chocolate based ice cream snacks; such as Magnum, Dairy Milk, Feasts or Choc Ices continue to be the biggest contributing sector, totalling £237.7 million at the time. However, whilst not holding the highest valued share, luxury ice cream continued to embrace their dramatic sales boom, boasting an expectation-smashing sales increase of £17million.

The big four providers of ice cream in supermarket retail; Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco and Morrisons, provide their own ice cream varieties at around half the cost of the luxury brands also available instore, so why the large sales? It is becoming more apparent that an increasing number of consumers in the ice cream market highly prioritise quality at the compromise of paying a little extra. Compared to other food products with supermarket brand alternatives, such as biscuits or pasta, ice cream is one where you can really taste & justify the difference in price.


A brand taste test conducted by Stevie Gallacher & Bill Gibb of the Sunday Post in July 2016 tested the price-to-quality difference: reviewing & rating luxury, supermarket, speciality and budget ice cream on taste and price. With the exception of a couple the average price ranged from 89p to £2 ; the supermarket, speciality & budget flavours are given reviews including “a little bland”, “slightly unusual aftertaste” or “no real flavour at all”.


Ben & Jerrys on the other hand, a 500ml tub of Chocolate Fudge Brownie costing £4 at the time, is given top marks all round: being described as “creamy and filling”, complimenting the chewy brownie pieces alongside the fact it “feels substantial without being too rich”. Although not applicable to all food markets, ice cream is proving it’s dominance within the dessert market as one that adds truth to the statement “twice the price, twice the quality”. Sales figures prove consumers are accepting this fact & unlike with varied supermarkets’ own brand ice cream, ice cream shoppers know what they’re paying for with a tub of Ben & Jerrys or Haagen-Dazs no matter where they buy it. It will always be the same.  It’s not just the higher quality of luxury ice cream that’s contributed to the sector’s boom. It’s the brand loyalty that’s come with it.


Entering the ice cream market has also become more accessible in recent years, being an affordable yet qualitative treat for consumers for more occasions. Smaller manufacturers have been able to find more niches in the market. For example, there has been an ever-rising number of local farm shops that have made they’re own high quality, unique ice cream in massive varieties of flavours. It allows each to gain their own following in communities with their individual ranges. Pubs & restaurants are doing the same. If not making they’re own, ice cream for dessert menus are more often locally sourced to make sure customers are only receiving the best. Availability in such high qualities all year round has not only been increasing consumer standards for ice cream during leisure activities but during regular shopping as well, contributing to the massive rise in luxury brand sales.


The resulting booming trend in luxury ice cream sales is only expected to continue this summer as the temperatures rise parallel to customers’ cravings for frozen treats. Why not take advantage of the soaring sales potential of the ice cream market & prepare your menus & supply cupboards with the right equipment? Durable and stylish sundae glasses; elegant bowls, exquisite dessert spoons, efficient ice cream dippers and portioners. Alliance Online provides everything you need in terms of equipment and supplies to make your desserts the very best.



Ice Cream- The Big Scoop On The Market Boom
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Ice Cream- The Big Scoop On The Market Boom
Generating more than £1billion in sales for the UK economy as of October 2016, Ice Cream sales have continued to rise in the last couple of years. They only seem to be getting higher as we reach the 2017 Summer season. Whilst some may expect the growth to be represented by all sectors of the market, sales of high volume standard ice creams have actually dipped as the luxurious varieties have soared.
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