Housekeepers, Cleaners and Janitors generally have a trusty selection of tools to keep hotels, restaurants, bars, hospitals, schools and offices looking squeaky clean. Much of their box of tricks will have been a fixture for months or years, however there are some products that no matter how efficient or functional are fundamentally disposable. The key is finding a balance between usage quantity and duration, performance, and consequential disposal. In many products there is a fine line between disposable and reusable, with an abundance in the Janitorial category seen as multi-use without being well and truly established as a long-term reusable solutions. Here we’ll look to identify the best janitorial disposable items from across the board for the perfect clean.

Disposal and Refuse Bags –

An item that is undoubtedly disposable (the clue is in the name), the traditional bin bag is much frowned upon for its lack of ethical performance in usage. Degradable Heavy Duty Refuse Sack >15kg 18" x 29" x 34" BlackBin bags tend to show a lack of care for the environment (the fault of us humans producing them, not the poor sacks themselves) but this doesn’t need to be the case. There is now an option to select 100% Degradable Refuse Sacks (you could say a ‘friendly sack’) suitable for industrial and domestic use, which mitigates any feelings of guilt when ‘taking the rubbish out’. Of course all waste that can be recycled should be but why not use a more environmentally conscious option when disposing of the non-recyclables.

Gloves –

There are two options when it comes to janitorial handwear with either single use disposable gloves or reusable heavy duty alternatives. Both have pros and cons but it’s about getting the balance of performance usage and disposal for your operations. The Stretch-2-Fit Glove, also suitable for kitchen and food preparation use, is a disposable option that provides protection which moulds to the hand with extra sensitivity. A more substantial alternative for deeper cleaning would be the heavy duty Gauntlet Glove, with thick material composition and increased reusable capabilities.

Stretch 2 Fit Hypoallergenic GlovesGauntlet Gloves (fit to wrist) Red








Cloths –

As previously mentioned, some products that are more disposable than long life fall between the two in the form of multi-use solutions. Vileda MicronQuick ClothsThe microfibre cloth is a prime example of such products, not to be disposed of after singular use but equally not for long life usage. Vileda have an increasingly impressive plethora of cloth and cleaning solutions, including the MicronQuick Cloth which performs consistently over multiple uses. The product performs professionally with up to 99.99% bacteria removal and last longer than the average cloth, therefore reducing

Mop Heads –Hygiemix 200g Mini Mop Head

Although not strictly disposable by the definition of the word, mops and mop heads are often discarded after only a short period of use.  In recent years mop heads in particular have been developed and now more are suitable for repeated use over a longer life.  The Hygiemix Mini Mop Head is machine washable, allowing for a prolonged existence which reduces cost and waste to become more of a reusable piece of kit than more readily disposed counterparts.

To kit yourself out with all of the essential disposable and reusable janitorials, no matter what your establishment, feel free to visit Alliance Online.