It’s National Pizza Day and we’re sure you’re all aware that pizza is traditionally a British cuisine but why can’t it be? After all we are a multicultural society that accepts people of all races and nationalities. So why not accept the delightful gastronomy that comes with this and claim them for our own (or at least put our own stamp on them).

Breakfast Pizza

This one’s fairly simple and easy to make. What’s more British than a plate of greasy meat, egg and beans on a Sunday morning? ‘Nothing!’ I hear you yell. And you’d be correct. Rather than serve it up on a plate, why not use an edible base. A pizza base. It sounds a little out of the ordinary but meat pizzas are fairly popular and more and more chefs are now using egg as a topping. Add a bit of sausage, bacon, mushroom and egg to your cheese and tomato canvas and enjoy!

Roast Dinner Pizza

Ok so you can’t apply a full roast dinner to a flatbread but elements can definitely been combined to make a brand new phenomena. In reality there would not be a great deal of difference between the already established chicken or spicy beef and vegetable pizza. Admittedly the cut and flavour of meat maybe be slightly different and the vegetables more home-grown than Mediterranean but who’s checking? The pizza police?! Combing two of Britain’s favourite meals can only be applauded and that’s exactly what you’d be doing here!


Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza

‘British?’ Yes British! You may not know it but when you go down to your local curry house and order the Chicken Tikka Masala you’re not technically dabbling in Indian cuisine. The dish is actually of British origin. Chicken Tikka pizza is a fairly commonplace on takeaway pizza menus nowadays. With a slight twist on this why not replace the tomato sauce base with a masala sauce? In essence all you have created is a Chicken Tikka Masala naan! The only thing perhaps out of the ordinary is the inclusion of cheese but trust us you’ll love it!


Fish and Chip Pizza

Admittedly this one is a little rarer or niche to say the least. Not something we’ve seen or even really heard of but it would definitely be worth a try. You might be best avoiding the calorie-counting for this one but adding a few fish goujons and classic thick cut chippy chips to your typical pizza doesn’t sound to unappetising to us. This is one for the real experimenters. You’ve got to be willing to try anything once, right?


Strawberries and Cream Pizza

Don’t panic, this isn’t an error! Strawberries and Cream. Using sweeter bread and applying jam or caramelised berries with cream, goat’s cheese or mascarpone can help create a great and quirky dessert. When you read this you may think ‘Mama Mia, what is this witchcraft?!’ but when you get down to the detail it could be a real delight.


What you’ll need…..

Now we’ve highlighted a few ‘Traditional’ British pizzas (feel free to create your own!) you need to be able to make them and indeed serve them. We’ve got a few tools that can turn you from a ‘Kitchen Clown’ to the ‘Pizza Pro’. Once you’ve got you’re ingredients you’ll need a pizza pan if you want to do it properly and the 23.0cm aluminium option is ideal for a large single serving or to share. Then you’ll need somewhere to cook it. ‘Raw’ pizza isn’t great. With pizza ovens starting from under £250 you don’t have to re-mortgage your house to get the perfect pizza! Whether you’re cooking at home or in a restaurant there’s an oven for everyone. Once your pizza is cooked you’ll need to divide your masterpiece into portions (unless it’s all for you) and what better way to do this than with a tool designed purely for this delicious food type, we bring you the pizza cutter! The pizza is ready to go! But where is it going? If you’re eating at home or serving it up in a restaurant then why not serve the finished article up on a handled oak board or if it’s pizza to-go you can go for the biodegradable slice tray (if your offering is sold by the piece) or the corrugated pizza box if it’s to be sold in its entirety.

Check out for all of your pizza creation essentials. With regional depots throughout the UK, Alliance offer great service, expertise and can provide affordable and convenient catering options for all establishments.

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It's National Pizza Day and we're sure you’re all aware that pizza is traditionally a British cuisine but why can’t it be? After all we are a multicultural society that accepts people of all races and nationalities.
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