February 5th sees the return of Super Bowl Sunday to International screens. The New England Patriots will face the Atlanta Falcons in the final match of the US National Football League season. With the tradition for tailgating barbeques in the parking lot, seat-service stadium snacks and appetizer filled parties, the Super Bowl and casual dining have become inextricably linked.  The globalisation of culture has ensured that the thirst for American entertainment and cuisine is ever present in UK restaurants, and Super Bowl Sunday is a great way to cash in on the trend for all things American on this side of the pond. The 6 hour time difference between the UK and Houston Texas, the site of the 51st incarnation of the event, provides a great opportunity for restaurants and fast food outlets alike to embrace extended opening hours and feed the appetite for late night dining.


You could argue that this is just another sporting fixture, particularly when the big game shares a weekend with major Six Nations Rugby Union clashes. For this reason it’s all the more important to invest in transforming the sporting fixture into an opportunity for event dining. While American themed restaurants have a head start, creative tableware can be a fast and affordable way to create a new and exciting environment in any establishment for the night. In order to help you host a night that lives up to the hype surrounding the greatest show on earth, we’ve compiled a list of top tableware tips inspired by the night’s biggest events.


The Game

NFL is all about team spirit and tableware can be used to translate that spirit to your customer’s dining experience. Sharing is all part of the experience and investing in sharing platters is a great way to encourage a team spirit and facilitate the social side of festivities. Appetizers are central to the Super Bowl experience, from hot wings to nachos, pickles and pizza slices. Consider hosting these in supersize portions on serving platters or serving different rounds of appetizers for each quarter of play to ensure your tables are filled throughout the night.


The Ads

While it might sound bizarre to a Super Bowl novice, the adverts are not only part of the entertainment but a major attraction for home viewers. In the age of the internet these campaigns can often remain the talking point surrounding the game more so than the sport itself. The Super Bowl is particularly notorious for expensive advertising slots and you can be sure that the biggest brands will make a statement. While themes and messages shift year on year, one theme you can depend on is patriotism. Ad-break themed tables then need to be filled with branded tableware and all things USA. Harnessing the power of disposables is a great way to do this on a budget. Red Solo Cups and Red, White and Blue napkins are affordable options that can quickly transform a table top and add fun to the festivities.


The Halftime Show

Super Bowl Sunday is about so much more than the sporting fixture. The night is as much a fixture in the diary of music fans as sports fans thanks to the star-studded concert that takes place on the field as part of the proceedings. Following her performance of the National Anthem at last year’s game, pop superstar Lady Gaga takes on the challenge of this year’s halftime show. Why not take inspiration from the musical portion of the night and embrace quirky tableware to host your own Monster Ball. Alliance has a range of alternative table and barware perfect for adding unique character to your restaurant. With food service miniatures from colanders to trash cans and creative barware such as Tiki Mugs the theme holds great potential to thrill diners.