So Christmas is over and the fireworks and confetti of New Year celebrations have fizzled out and settled respectively. There’s only one thing for it; ‘New Year, new me’. Most of us say it or at least think it but in reality many of us struggle. After all, the old you was probably just fine as you were. The ‘new you’ more often than not revolves around a healthier lifestyle and sadly (we feel your pain) that means eating leaves rather than pizza and drinking water over wine. The latter has become affectionately known as dry January, the name is fairly self-explanatory.

Although daunting to some, dry January really shouldn’t be such a drag. Keeping off the alcohol can be difficult but there’s no doubt it’ll all be worth it in the end! As we get towards the end of the month you can see the light at the end of the tunnel (or the beer at the end of the bar) and you start to believe that you can actually do this. It takes will and determination and many fail but the few that do conquer the feat should stand tall with pride. Perhaps this seems a little extreme but it really can feel like a mission in its own right.

So let’s go back to the beginning. People tackle the ‘dry’ start to the year in a number of ways. Many choose to completely cut out anything remotely contentious whilst others choose to cut down (more of a damp January). Either way it’s the effort that counts. Here are a number different ways you could do this;

Substitution – It’s hard to replace alcohol, there’s no denying it, but if you are going to completely cut something out of your life (even just temporarily) there needs to be an alternative. This could be as simple as replacing these drinks for other non-alcoholic drinks. With it being fairly cold in the early weeks of the year (I shiver as I write this) something to consider is substituting alcohol for warm beverages. The caffeine content within these drinks can work as an alternative to alcohol, essentially giving that little buzz without the calories, detriment to health and potentially difficult aftermath. If hot drinks aren’t for you then try something else. Smoothies are always a delicious option.

Keep Busy, Keep Active – As is the case with any heathy lifestyle change, the key is to keep busy and preferably active. You will often hear people say “I eat when I’m bored” and the same can be said for drinking. If you have nothing to do you might have a few drinks whilst settling down in front of the TV or pop out to the pub with friends. Rather than allowing this to happen make a change in your routine and stay active. Taking up a new hobby or purely increasing exercise will not only keep you occupied and away from the drink but also help enhance the new healthier you.

Unite or Compete – In life some people work better in a team and others individually. Either way, undertaking a challenge like this is ideal to do with others. That’s not to say you have to tackle it as a team, although that could work. The individuals within a group could compete against one another to see who can cut down the most or stay ‘dry’ for the longest. You could even reward the highest achievers at the end of the month (alcohol-based or otherwise).

Enough of all the negative stuff. Let’s talk about the ending, the light at the end of the tunnel, the beer at the end of the bar. When January is over (and it may be rather slow) you’re free to enjoy to good stuff once more. That isn’t to say you should go on a crazy bender or a weekend-long binge. In fact this may be an opportunity for you to cut down in the longer term (not completely but just a little). If you don’t plan on cutting down, at least you’ve had the month to detox and feel that little bit better about yourself. Either way, at that stage it’s all done and you can move on with your life knowing that YOU have been ‘dry’ for an entire month. No-one can ever take that from you. Well done, we’re proud of you!

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