Equipment Website of the Year

Alliance Online

Catering supplier Alliance Online sought to enhance the user experience to make finding and specifying any of its 18,000 products simple.

A search bar and product filters have been introduced to the top of the page, while related products suggest suitable alternative options. Once a user has decided on an item, directly under the product description customer reviews can be seen, reinforcing the decision. After this, with the use of the one page checkout system, the customer can quickly purchase the product.

With 18,000 product ranges on the Alliance Online website, it hosts a vast amount of material safety data sheets, as well as individual spec sheets for the entire range of products. By having this on the website customers can make an informed decision based on the properties of the item they are buying, as well as knowing the hazards and risks involved in using a particular chemical.

Meanwhile, to tap into greater interest in environmentally friendly products, the supplier has created a Green Shop page, allowing customers to easily locate all of its products which are either environmentally friendly, biodegradable, compostable or Fairtrade.

The judges thought the site was a hearty information archive, with an impressive link to mobile technology. They were impressed by its ease of navigation and fast search function.