No matter how much money is spent on refurbishing the bar of your hotel, it doesn’t matter which chef’s name is above the door of your venue, and it doesn’t matter how good the food on the menu is, if your beverage options are poor. And the cornerstone to most drinks menus is beer and lager. There aren’t too many more appetising thoughts for those of us who like the amber nectar than a tall, frosty beer on a hot summer’s day.

The beer and lager category is very wide-ranging, allowing for the provision of variety tailored to your specific market. It is however important to stock a range of products to accommodate for all customers and their tastes. This may require a period of trial of new and different products in order to arrive at the perfect range for your market. There is a continued and increasing trend toward internationally imported brands and styles. Striking a balance of product range, stock and demand is key to any hotel or bar. After all a fresh beer is a good beer.

Presentation of the product can provide as much appeal as the product itself. Packaging of beer, whether it be canned, bottled or otherwise, has developed in recent years to entice customers with aesthetics. Not only is pre-sale packaging a selling point but also presentation of product at the consumption stage. A variety of Glassware is available on the Alliance website to make that beer look even more irresistible.


Recent times have seen a trend toward craft beer. These products general command a higher price point which should be a consideration in maximising profits and the market that is to be targeted. At a similar price point is the development of the premium branded beer market. There is now a desire from the market for products with a more prestigious offering, again with increased financial benefit to the suppliers and hoteliers alike.  With the introduction of new products it is essential that employees are made aware and knowledgeable of the offerings. It is now the case that guests are also aware of the range available and it is therefore essential for staff to have the same knowledge.

Beer has, until recently, played the understudy to wine in the hotel trade but innovation in the industry is now rife with the emergence of a booming craft beer scene. To keep your beer crisp, cold and presentable visit the Alliance website for Refrigeration Units, Glassware and a wide range of catering equipment.

Adapted from Hotel F&B Magazine (June 2016)