Around 850,000 people in the UK have been diagnosed with dementia. In addition to having trouble remembering people and events, many people living with memory loss deal with several other symptoms, such as difficulty seeing and swallowing.

According to Care Industry News, it’s estimated that around 60 per cent of people with dementia experience problems with their sight as a symptom of the condition. This makes it challenging to perform essential tasks like eating. As consuming the proper nutrients each day is important to maintaining good health, the Alzheimer’s Society says that ensuring dementia patients are eating and drinking is one of the most common but important challenges for carers.

There has been some work done in the UK that suggests Coloured Crockery aids food intake in the Elderly. It was felt that this would benefit the patients and the Hospital Trust as: Increased food intake would help fight malnourishment and weight loss during a hospital stay therefore helping to aid the patient’s recovery time. Increase in food intake would reduce plate waste and the need for food supplements. Overall improve the patients’ experience during the hospital stay. Steelite international have designed a range of coloured crockery and agreed to supply enough crockery for 1 ward to facilitate a pilot to take place.  There is also a deep ridged plate which allows the patient to feed themselves more easily as the food is contained in the sides of the plate without looking like a bowl.




This Freedom Blue Raised Rim Plate is ideal serving a range of different meals. Made from durable vitrified china, this will be strong and long lasting, reducing the amount of breakages and replacements you have to buy.


Ideal for serving a range of different meals this Freedom Blue bowl is made from vitrified china, making it strong and long lasting, reducing the number of replacements you have to buy. .


Made from durable and long lasting vitrified china this will reduce the amount of breakages and replacements you have to buy. Designed to be easy to stack and store this will be perfect for you.





The launch of the new dementia-friendly crockery by Steelite is part of the company’s ongoing drive to ensure high quality nutrition and hydration for care home residents.

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